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Over 10 years have passed since the internet became common place for everyone – of all ages – making it an indispensable part of our lives.

The internet has now become a vital tool that can help in many aspects of our livelihood.

However, many people have become so engrossed in online communications and games in the virtual world that there is now a tendency for a lot of those people to neglect their responsibilities and thought processes in their ‘real’, non-virtual lives.

We feel a need to set the alarm bells ringing towards such a situation, one of social downturn, and have vowed to work in providing the ultimate internet services that help enrich the ‘real’ life.
To eliminate the detrimental side effects of those that have become over reliant on the virtual life, neglecting what matters most, the ‘real’ life.

‘LaBOLA’ is a social networking service that provides information and communication tools for sports lovers.
‘Latte’ covers all forms of information that fits, and helps, anyone’s lifestyle.

We believe that the internet is about providing the tools to help supplement the ‘real’ life, to make the ‘real’ life fun and enjoyable.

We strive to help society become a happier place. To make it a better place to live.